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Cicero said - I did not put that in the reading without any pleasure. And we agree with this statement is 100%. Of course, reading gives a man a lot of pluses. That's an incredible amount of knowledge that is updated more and more each time. Reading - the development and enrichment of the written and spoken language. In good literary texts, the author does not use spoken language. He often uses beautiful shaped turnovers, little-used words. In reading we remember how these words are written and spoken. If you read on a regular basis, the new words and phrases are deposited in the memory, and take out the usual colloquial jargon. Reading an extremely positive effect on the human memory. Scientifically it is proven, if a person reads for 30 minutes a day, then the probability of Alzheimer's disease tends to zero. Do not you just will not get sick, but will think clearly and react quickly to any situation, even in very old age. Reading books is able to restore normal functioning of the nervous system and relieves stress. If the reading process is regular, the stress and you do not threaten. All this is good, but none of the above plus, can not be compared with the pleasure that we get from reading a good fiction book.

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